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Desktop Calendars
Jan. 2013 (1600x1200 pixels 285kb)
Dec. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 331kb)
Nov. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 259kb)
Oct. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 220kb)
Sept. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 192kb)
Aug. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
July 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 296kb)
June 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 256kb)
May 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 316kb)
Apr. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Mar. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
Feb. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 272kb)
Jan. 2012 (1600x1200 pixels 360kb)
Dec. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 348kb)
Nov. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 352kb)
Oct. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Sept. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 364kb)
Aug. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
July 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 248kb)
June 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 278kb)
May 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Apr. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 395kb)
Mar. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Feb. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 348kb)
Jan. 2011 (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Dec. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 340kb)
Nov. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 348kb)
Oct. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 300kb)
Sept. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
August 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
July 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 288kb)
June 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
May 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 312kb)
Apr. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Mar. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Feb. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 296kb)
Jan. 2010 (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Dec. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 372kb)
Nov. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 228kb)
Oct. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 304kb)
Sept. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 432kb)
August 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
July 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 304kb)
June 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
May 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
Apr. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 312kb)
Mar. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
Feb. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 344kb)
Jan. 2009 (1600x1200 pixels 196kb)

Dec. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 340kb)
Nov. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 284kb)
Oct. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Sept. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 252kb)
August 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
July 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
June 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 296kb)
May 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 296kb)
Apr. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 248kb)
Mar. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 248kb)
Feb. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 252kb)
Jan. 2008 (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)

Dec. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Nov. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 326kb)
Oct. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 260kb)
Sept. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 260kb)
August 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 296kb)
July 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 328kb)
June 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 256kb)
May 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 408kb)
Apr. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 196kb)
Mar. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 328kb)
Feb. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 316kb)
Jan. 2007 (1600x1200 pixels 248kb)

2007 12 Month Calendar (192kb PDF)

Dec. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Nov. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Oct. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 232kb)
Sept. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 354kb)
August 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
July 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)
June 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
May 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 224kb)
Apr. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 208kb)
Mar. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 340kb)
Jan. 2006 (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)

2006 12 Month Calendar (50kb PDF)

Dec. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 276kb)
Nov. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 220kb)
Oct. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 256kb)
Sept. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
August 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 192kb)
July 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 256kb)
June 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 144kb)
May 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 184kb)
Apr. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 194kb)
Mar. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 412kb)
Feb. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 624kb)
Jan. 2005 (1600x1200 pixels 512kb)

2005 12 Month Calendar (50kb PDF)

Dec. 2004 (1600x1200 pixels 168kb)
Nov. 2004 (1600x1200 pixels 440kb)
Oct. 2004 (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
Sept. 2004 (1600x1200 pixels 160kb)

Desktop Pictures
Lines (1600x1200 pixels 270kb)
Everything is Math (1600x1200 pixels 318kb)
A Beautiful End (1600x1200 pixels 242kb)
Bananaboo (1600x1200 pixels 200kb)
Light in Darkness (1600x1200 pixels 176kb)
Home (1600x1200 pixels 263kb)
Communication (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Natural Abstract (1600x1200 pixels 236kb)
Canopy (1600x1200 pixels 300kb)
Naturally (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Stumped (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Other Side (1600x1200 pixels 260kb)
Hot Ice (1600x1200 pixels 348kb)
Colors of Oahu (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
Waikiki HI (1600x1200 pixels 384kb)
Grays (1600x1200 pixels 260kb)
Filtering (1600x1200 pixels 352kb)
Summer (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)
Passing (1600x1200 pixels 236kb)
Focal Floral (1600x1200 pixels 261kb)
Brown Blues (1600x1200 pixels 328kb)
Bamboo (1600x1200 pixels 383kb)
Glass (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
Seasonal (1600x1200 pixels 336kb)
Oahu (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Fall (1600x1200 pixels 328kb)
Dark Light (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
Melons (1600x1200 pixels 288kb)
Alaska (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Dana Pt. (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Flight (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)
Relax (1600x1200 pixels 304kb)
Shantou (1600x1200 pixels 304kb)
Ko Samet (1600x1200 pixels 264kb)
NTD (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Bamboo (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Droplets (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Byodo-In (1600x1200 pixels 356kb)
Fallen (1600x1200 pixels 212kb)
October Fog (1600x1200 pixels 280kb)
Busy Bees (1600x1200 pixels 420kb)
Petite Rose (1600x1200 pixels 316kb)
Summer Storm (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Dandelion (1600x1200 pixels 308kb)
Leaf Life (1600x1200 pixels 312kb)
Bangkok Street (1600x1200 pixels 300kb)
Pond (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
Thai Market (1600x1200 pixels 332kb)
Winter Fog (1600x1200 pixels 172kb)
Plantation (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
Oahu Farm (1600x1200 pixels 264kb)
Walk (1600x1200 pixels 264kb)
Clover (1600x1200 pixels 236kb)
Goldfish (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)
River Life (1600x1200 pixels 268kb)
Street Food (1600x1200 pixels 284kb)
Cat Fish (1600x1200 pixels 284kb)
Vol. 7 (1600x1200 pixels 236kb)
Dog Day (1600x1200 pixels 232kb)
HKG Intl. Airport (1600x1200 pixels 240kb)
Winter Forest (1600x1200 pixels 300kb)
Fish (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
Fall (1600x1200 pixels 320kb)
Dana Pt. (1600x1200 pixels 244kb)
Thistle 3 (1600x1200 pixels 248kb)
Thistle 2 (1600x1200 pixels 300kb)
Thistle (1600x1200 pixels 312kb)
Yaowarat Rd. (1600x1200 pixels 244kb)
HKG Mural (1600x1200 pixels 396kb)
Waiting (1600x1200 pixels 184kb)
Bangkok Vendor (1600x1200 pixels 316kb)
Year of the Pig (1600x1200 pixels 306kb)
Beach Feet (1600x1200 pixels 240kb)
Winter (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
Waikiki (1600x1200 pixels 324kb)
Chatan, Okinawa (1600x1200 pixels 220kb)
Thai Home (1600x1200 pixels 344kb)
Lace & Thorns (1600x1200 pixels 258kb)
Sunflower (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)
Seaside wall 2 (1600x1200 pixels 216kb)
Seaside wall (1600x1200 pixels 200kb)
(Guernica) (1600x1200 pixels 328kb)
SF Deconstruct (800x604 pixels 168kb)
SF Deconstruct (800x604 pixels 180kb)
July sky 1 (1600x1200 pixels 236kb)
July sky 2 (1600x1200 pixels 292kb)

Desktop Patterns
Lounge Set Patterns
Cactus (128x128 pixels 20kb)
Bedrock (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Camouflage (128x128 pixels 16kb)
Diamond (128x128 pixels 16kb)
Swing Set Patterns
Horn (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Blade (128x128 pixels 16kb)
Palms (128x128 pixels 16kb)
Recline (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Orange Crush Patterns
Spray (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Shell (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Shower (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Silk (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Dumont Set Patterns
Den (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Viral (128x128 pixels 16kb)
Panel (128x128 pixels 12kb)
Sketch (128x128 pixels 8kb)


winter_light.mp3 (128 kbps 3.3 MB)