I believe good design doesn't have to be expensive. I do believe bad design can end up being expensive. The creative process is not just the design but also being creative in process. Working within limitations is a part of the design process. The limitations can inspire new directions, new ideas, new processes.

Me: Born and grew up in the rust belt of the Midwest. Finished high school wanting to pursue something in art, though never taking an art class during high school. Started college in Vincennes, Indiana. Finished with a BFA (printmaking) from Indiana University. Started work on Masters in East Texas prior to finishing degree, MFA (the three p's - printmaking, painting and photography), in Brooklyn, New York (Pratt). Lived and worked (education) in Brooklyn for ten years. Left New York for Florida for an abbreviated time and new career in commercial design. Ended up back home, in Chicago, for the past ten plus years in pre-press - design.

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